MiM Institute

A place for Learning, Discovery, Innovation, Expression
and providing outstanding development opportunities for all


Develop in each student the ability and passion to work Wisely, Creatively & Effectively for the betterment of humankind.


Train the scientists of the future and provide outstanding development opportunities for all. This reflects our desire for ongoing excellence in science.

At MiM Institute we have tried to create a variety of new programs and events in the direction of students’ individual development and teach them in a new and innovative way. All the programs of this institute are planned and held by the executive team, and the distinctive feature of these programs is that most of them have no similarities in the country and some at the international level, and our institute holds them exclusively. These special and unique programs are the result of the innovative thinking and creative vision of the agents of this institute who try to achieve the goals of the institute with great determination and interaction.

MiM Institute

Our History

MiM Institute is a non-profitable organization founded in 2017 as a research institute for advanced knowledge and educating students in Science, Technology, & Innovation Later in 2019, it expanded its activities by forming a Leadership Team and an Executive Operation Team consisting of creative people.

We set ourselves ambitious goals, take courageous decisions, reflect upon our achievements and draw appropriate consequences. The consequences of our doings are in our focus all the time. With us, you will develop new skills and master many interesting tasks.

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